Protecting The Peatlands

In September, Kona Barreda, a teacher in the northern community of Air Ronge, was working on a lesson about “finding the courage” for her Grade 7 class when she came across a proposal from Quebec-based company Lambert Peat Moss Inc. The company had outlined its plan, with a timeline of 80 years, to mine peat in four designated areas south of nearby La Ronge, an area covering about 2,619 hectares. Shocked by the implications, Barreda, a Woodland Cree woman, started asking people in the community if they had heard about the project. Although Lambert claimed to have distributed letters among residents, no one Barreda spoke to had received one. Hoping to teach her students how to find the courage to fight for a cause, even when the opponent is a multimillion-dollar mining company, Barreda and the Grade 7 class launched a petition demanding that Lambert leave the northern Saskatchewan muskegs alone.

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DIY Chains And Garden Centres ‘Adding To Climate Crisis’ By Selling Peat

United Kingdom – Garden centres and DIY stores are way off track on meeting a government target to end peat use by amateur gardeners, figures show.

Green experts said the rate at which peat is still being dug up means the UK’s gardens are helping to accelerate the climate crisis.

Stores including B&Q and Wickes, as well as numerous websites, all sell peat products.  

Between 2015 and 2019, the amount of peat contained in composts sold to shoppers showed only a small drop, from almost 53 per cent to 41.5 per cent.  

Friends of the Earth called on ministers to act, after the government announced a decade ago the voluntary phase-out of peat use by 2020.  

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