Fukushima Protester Jailed For 21 Days Speaks Out

Prof. Masaki Shimoji was Jailed for 21 days because he was speaking out against the way the Japanese government is handling the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Disaster – burning debris, hiding test results, etc. He speaks out at a town hall in Berkeley, CA. “We are alarmed at the lack of testing currently in place to meet the present-and-growing threat of Cesium 134 and 137 contamination in our food supply. The time is past-due for a comprehensive response to radiation present in our food supply from the Fukushima disaster. ” Alexis Lynn Baden-Mayer, Political Director, Organic Consumers Association. Now revealed there’s 80 damaged spent fuel assemblies leaking radioactive materials in Fukushima storage pools — Kyodo: Removal attempt at Unit 4 starts later today — Japan nuclear official ‘nervous’, as one slip could result in monumental chain reaction (AUDIO)

CBS News: ‘Immense mystery’ as sea stars being wiped out along West Coast, could be gone for generations — Bewildering disease is spreading and “no idea what’s causing it, or how to stop it” — Timelapse shows all legs lost in 7 hours (VIDEOS)

‘Anonymous’ protests at California TV station over lack of Fukushima coverage — Show Host: I wonder if media paid not to report on it — Senior Scientist: Phony stories made up by National Propaganda Radio (NPR)

Yale: Chief Arvol Looking Horse at U.N. to speak about Fukushima crisis and threat to future of humanity — 2001 Quote: “Contamination of our food and land now affecting way we think… disease of the mind has set in World Leaders… faced with chaos, disasters, diseases… end of life as we know it”?

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Fukushima Update: TEPCO & Japan Begin To Face Reality

The Japanese corporation TEPCO is finally beginning to face reality. Removing the fuel rods from Fukushima will be a difficult and dangerous task. They had been saying — no problem, routine, we’ve done this a thousand times before. Thankfully, they looked one more time and saw what we have been reporting — this is a unique challenge, never been done before. The fuel rods are damaged and will be very dangerous to remove. They have to be removed because of the tremendous risk from an earthquake or tsunami. In the last month Fukushima has barely avoided catastrophe from both earthquakes, tsuanmi and a tidal wave. This is a very risky situation no matter what direction TEPCO goes. We are urging people to push to remove TEPCO and replace them with an international group of expert engineers, overseen by civilian experts and a transparent process. Join that effort here.

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