Newsletter: On To The General Election, Create Surprises

By Kevin Zeese and Margaret Flowers for Popular Resistance. The make-up of elections are almost complete with only a few primary races and the Green Party National Convention (August 4-7 in Houston), where Jill Stein’s running mate will be announced, remaining. Otherwise we know the candidates that will be with us for the next three months and the potential presidents who will almost assuredly be the focus of mobilizations for the next four years.

While Bernie Sanders is no longer running for office and has shifted his energy to working to elect Hillary Clinton, many in the Bernie or Bust Movement have shifted to Jill or Bust, with the initial goal to get Jill Stein into the highly restrictive (and anti-democratic) debates.

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Divided: Protests Inside And Outside The Democratic Convention

By Kevin Zeese for Popular Resistance. Protests in Philadelphia for the Democratic Convention were much bigger and more consistent than they were in Cleveland for the Republicans. A wide range of issues were covered many were centered around democracy, the corruption of the DNC showed by the Wikileaks, legalization of marijuana, Black Lives Matter, no more war, money in politics, the Demexit of people leaving the Democrats many voting for Jill Stein and too many other issues to list. We broke these tweets up by date and no doubt, despite the multitude of tweets we surely missed some important ones.

There is no question both protests showed significant divisions inside their parties. The Dems tried to put forward an image of unity, but as you can see below reality is quite different than the image they tried to portray.

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Anti-TPP Protests Break-Out Inside DNC: Obama & Others Protested

Kevin Zeese for Popular Resistance. The TPP has been protested throughout the Democratic Convention. Last night, while President Obama was speaking TPP protesters held No TPP signs and when Obama said “There are pockets of America that never recovered from factory closures,” someone from the audience shouted “No more TPP!”

When Kaine began his vice presidential nomination speech protesters from several delegations shouted: “Hey hey, ho ho, TPP has got to go!”While he was speaking many in the California and other delegations delegations were holding up No TPP signs because he voted for fast track for trade and generally supports “free” trade even though he agreed to say he opposes the TPP in its present form when he joined the Democratic ticket.

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The People’s Caravan From Cleveland RNC To Philadelphia DNC

By Staff for the Grassroots Global Justice Alliance. There are three major defining factors of this moment: white rage and misogyny escalated by the presidential elections; extractive dig-burn-dump economies promoted by politicians; and rising militarism at home & abroad applauded by the electorate.

We believe that no matter who becomes the next US president, these growing norms will have serious long-term implications for Black, Latin@, Arab and Muslim peoples, Indigenous Peoples, Asian & Pacific Islander, working class White folks, women and trans people… long after the next president is elected.

We are building a diverse and interconnected movement that has the roots we need to weather the storms our communities face and change the systems that cause us harm.

This July 2016, Grassroots Global Justice Alliance (GGJ) is organizing a People’s Caravan from Cleveland to Philadelphia of 40-50 frontline community leaders from the US and Honduras.

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