International Day Of Solidarity With The Palestinian People

Over the past 18 months, calls for a UN-led investigation into Israeli apartheid have intensified globally, most notably from South Africa and Namibia, as well as from hundreds of political and civil society leaders in the Global South. The UK Labour Party’s conference in October also overwhelmingly voted for condemning Israeli apartheid and upholding Palestinian human rights. In June, former UN chief Ban Ki-moon suggested that Israel is imposing apartheid on Palestinians. Now is the time for the UN to act against apartheid Israel #UNinvestigateApartheid! Take Action Now With Effective Solidarity Actions With Palestinian People.

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‘Boycott Tour’ Demands Justice And Liberation For Palestine

On Wednesday, 6 October, activists marched through downtown Vancouver, Canada, as part of the Boycott Tour, drawing attention to the complicity of corporations, universities and government institutions in Canada in the ongoing colonization, occupation and apartheid throughout occupied Palestine.

The march took place as part of Palestine Action Week, five days of collective action in solidarity with Palestinians and their fight for liberation, and against settler-colonialism, apartheid, and imperialist violence. Palestine Action Week was organized by a coalition of Vancouver-area groups, including Palestinian Youth Movement, National Students for Justice in Palestine, Canada Palestine Association, UBC Solidarity for Palestinian Human Rights, SFU Students for Justice in Palestine, Samidoun Palestinian Prisoner Solidarity Network, BDS Vancouver, Anti-racism coalition Vancouver, Independent Jewish Voices, Rise SFU, Sulong UBC, and the Caucus.

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Nike To End Sales In Israeli Shops

Israel has been dealt a hammer blow by sports clothing manufacturer Nike. The mega-brand has announced that it will end the sale of its products in stores within the occupation state in a move welcomed by social media users as another victory for the international Boycott Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) campaign.

“Following a comprehensive review performed by the company and considering the changing marketplace, it has been decided that the continuation of the business relationship between you and the company does no longer match the company’s policy and goals,” Nike is reported as saying in a letter sent to shops in Israel.

Nike’s decision is expected to hit retailers hard. As one of the most popular sporting brands in the world, its products account for a large proportion of sales.

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Boycott Puma – Pass It On

It’s not a good time to be PUMA’s CEO.

Last month we learned just how nervous he is about the growing campaign to boycott PUMA over its support for Israeli apartheid.

Teams in several countries are dropping PUMA, and PUMA’s celebrity ambassadors and business partners are beginning to raise ethical concerns.

Now nearly 60,000 people have signed a petition to PUMA by global advocacy organization SumOfUs.

And tomorrow, September 18, groups around the world, from New Zealand to South Africa to North America, will join the #BoycottPUMA Global Day of Action.

We don’t particularly enjoy seeing PUMA’s CEO so agitated, but we would really enjoy seeing Palestinians enjoy freedom and justice. So we advise him to end PUMA’s complicity in apartheid Israel’s denial of Palestinian rights.

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Ben And Jerry’s Punished By Arizona For Israeli Boycott

The US state of Arizona has taken the decision to punish Ben & Jerry’s, one of America’s most successful firms, for the company’s boycott of illegal Israeli settlements. The global ice cream brand decided in July to end the sale of its products in the Israeli-occupied Palestinian territories. Although the decision was seen as a major victory for the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement, a severe backlash from pro-Israel groups has been anticipated ever since.

Kimberly Yee announced on Tuesday that Arizona State is disinvesting in Ben & Jerry’s parent company Unilever, saying that the boycott decision was in violation of Arizona law. The state treasurer said that its investments in Unilever had been reduced from $143 million in June to $50 million and will drop to zero by 21 September.

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Ben And Jerry’s Vows To Stop Sales In Israeli West Bank Settlements

On Monday Ben & Jerry’s announced that it would stop selling ice cream in Israeli settlements in the occupied Palestinian territory. The move comes after years of pressure from activists in the company’s home state of Vermont.

“We believe it is inconsistent with our values for Ben & Jerry’s ice cream to be sold in the Occupied Palestinian Territory (OPT),” reads a statement on the company’s website. “We also hear and recognize the concerns shared with us by our fans and trusted partners.”

“We have a longstanding partnership with our licensee, who manufactures Ben & Jerry’s ice cream in Israel and distributes it in the region,” it continues. “We have been working to change this, and so we have informed our licensee that we will not renew the license agreement when it expires at the end of next year.”

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Protesters Prevent Israeli Container Ship From Docking

An Israeli container ship was prevented from docking Monday at the Prince Rupert, B.C., port after a group of about 10 protesters — whose aim is to block Israel from shipping goods to North America — formed a picket line at an entrance to the Fairview container terminal.

The container ship, the Volans — owned by Israeli shipping company ZIM — was anchored in Prince Rupert’s harbour for most of the day Sunday.

The protesters said they were acting in solidarity with a movement called Block the Boat, which aims to block Israel from shipping goods to this continent as a reaction to the recent conflict between Israel and Palestinian militants.

The ship was unable to dock as protestors set up a picket line at the terminal’s entrance, which unionized longshore workers would not cross.

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Over 16,000 Artists Sign Letter In Solidarity With Palestine

Over 16,000 artists have signed their names in support of a letter that condemns Israel’s recent attack on Gaza and denounces the country’s apartheid system. The letter also calls on other countries “to cut trade, economic and cultural relations” with Israel.

Titled, “A Letter Against Apartheid,” the statement was written by six Palestinian artists, who have asked to remain anonymous. It was initially signed by hundreds of Palestinian artists including filmmakers Annemarie Jacir, Elia Suleiman, and Farah Nabulsi; visual artists Emily Jacir and Larissa Sansour; actress Hiam Abbass; musicians Kamilya Jubran and Sama’ Abdulhadi; and writers Elias Sanbar, Mohammed El-Kurd, Naomi Shihab Nye, Raja Shehadeh, Randa Jarrar, Suad Amiry, and Susan Abulhawa.

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Israeli Ships Not Welcome At North American Ports

In a major push to hold Israel accountable for its crimes on Palestinians, activists and workers’ movements have put up picket lines on key ports in the United States and Canada to block entry for Israeli ships. As part of an international call for an International Week of Action between June 2 and 9, thousands have held protests in major ports in North America, disrupting operations and blocking ships operated by Israeli cargo companies from docking.

Protests have been held at the ports of Oakland and Los Angeles in California, Seattle and Tacoma in Washington, Houston in Texas, and New York City/New Jersey, among other places so far, while more pickets and demonstrations are planned for other parts of North America.

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After Blocking Israeli Ship From Unloading…

After their success blocking an Israeli ZIM cargo ship from unloading at the Port of Oakland on Friday, pro-Palestine activists held the first-ever pro-Palestine protest in the Port of NY-NJ.

The newly formed Block the Boat NY coalition organized a protest against the ZIM Tarragona, which was scheduled to arrive at the port Sunday morning.

The protest has been organized as part of the International Week-of-Action called by the Arab Resource and Organizing Center (AROC) of San Francisco.

Hundreds of pro-Palestine protesters had prevented the unloading of the Israeli container ship from Asia at the Port of Oakland on Friday, with the cooperation of the local longshoremen’s union, which refused to unload the vessel.

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Oakland Dockworkers Refuse To Unload Israeli Cargo Ship

Hundreds of activists and dockworkers responded to an international call to action and successfully prevented an Israel-owned vessel from unloading its cargo at Oakland in California on Friday. At around 6pm, the Volans, a cargo vessel owned and operated by the ZIM shipping corporation, pulled out of port with its cargo intact.

It was apparently bound for Los Angeles, according to an online schedule.

Protesters had prevented the ship from docking at Oakland for more than two weeks after its scheduled arrival date.

The vessel ostensibly attempted to avoid the picket line.

“By refusing to unload Israeli cargo, Oakland workers are throwing a wrench in the Israeli economy and putting pressure on Israeli apartheid,” tweeted Jewish Voice for Peace.

“Each day the ZIM ship can’t unload, the largest Israeli shipping company loses millions of [dollars],” the group added.

Since then, ZIM ships have not tried to dock at the Oakland port – until this past month.

“Rank-and-file members of ILWU Local 10 stand against Israeli apartheid and with our brothers and sisters in Palestine,” union member Jimmy Salameh stated.

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Protesters At Port Of Oakland Declare Win In Israeli Cargo Boycott

Hundreds of picketers and protesters marched Friday morning in front of the Port of Oakland to keep cargo on an Israeli ship from being delivered.

Approximately 1,000 people from the Arab Resource & Organizing Center and the local union for longshoremen spread out across six gates at Berth 30 near the Middle Harbor Shoreline Park in the 2700 block of Middle Harbor Road.

“Our goal today is to show the city of Oakland that we do not want them to do business with and allow Israeli apartheid money to come into our city,” group spokesman Wassim Hage said by phone. “It’s part of an international picket movement at port cities around the world that will be going on over the next couple of weeks.”

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