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Holograms For Freedom Campaign Highlights Spanish Repression

Note the article below was translated by computer.

The Holograms for Freedom campaign AIMS to highlight the repression of our rights as free persons, as Citizens living in what is supposed to be a democracy.

A bad dream? Or reality …

Laws passed by congress Recently penalize human rights and freedoms and convert us into a type of citizens whose only hologram function is to obey the wishes of those who have reached the heights of the parliamentary system and WHO now pass laws without any regard for anything, even the professional review of Judges. Laws That violate our human rights and exclude us out from political activity.

With the holograms campaign for freedom we want to highlight the situation of repression of our rights as free people, as citizens living in a supposed democracy. The rules penalizing freedoms and human rights recently approved in the Congress of Deputies make us a ghostly, hologrammatic citizenship, which only counts in politics to abide by the wishes of those who have climbed up there, of which dictate above all laws, including the judiciary … Laws that violate our human rights and prevent us from participating in public affairs.

A series of totalitarian laws are being used to subject the will of the people, the people who, lest we forget, have delegated their power of representation in political leaders. #HologramasLibres (FreeHolograms) describe a surreal future in which we have to shed our flesh and become three-dimensional light forms (holograms) in order to protest. The aim of esta dystopia is to denounce the situation we are currently facing.

The manifestation of holograms reveals that people cannot express in the street contrary to the political class messages, we can not think freely -for free thought depends on the possibility of meeting to speak freely, to express themselves in the streets, in the markets, in the streets. We can be us and us. Current repressive trend leads our society to situations of silence, fear completely undesirable situations. On the other hand we think this is not only a comprehensive national issue but, and that silencing people strategy aims to eliminate the protest against the new economic policies that are to be implemented in the near future, see TTIP, etc.

But … who owns the fear? The fear hanging over society belongs to this government, to all governments. The fear of a conscious citizenry participating freely, with self-empowering joy, in public affairs, the fear of those who protest to defend our dignity, fight their inhuman cutbacks and the injustice of their evictions. Theirs is the fear and they need a silent society. They have laws designed to suit their own agenda, to rule the country with an iron fist, with no opposition from any quarter. They hope to keep us docile by keeping us afraid. And to spread mistrust amongst us, our neighbors -common towards people who fight to help each other. The media fill the airwaves with stories of terrorism, in which dissidents are “terrorists” and dangerous “cells” (of mutual support) are “deactivated

They have designed laws to suit their needs, to take the reins of the country with an iron hand without any inter- ference. With this aim only feel safe while we mantegamos docile. And from the public media confinement frighten us with stories of terror for antagonizing between us; accuse the dissidents as “terrorists” and “off” our dangerous “cells”.     The dystopian depiction launched today will be tomorrow’s world that awaits us. Through the repressive social control and coercion, which give free rein the #Leyes ordaza, try to subdue the last pockets of resistance to this imposition.

The dystopian future represented with the holograms demonstration will soon be our day to day. Social control and repression, in the form of the “Spanish Gag Laws” and other laws, are being used to subdue any remaining opposition their rule.

But we will continue to resist. We will continue to be a thorn in the side of the powerful, protesting the reality of our lives. We and we have decided to follow interfieriendo, go bothering the top with the manifestation of our everyday truths.If we can not speak out as individuals, for their fines and threats of imprisonment, we will do as holograms. Because you can not put doors to intelligence, mutual support and unity of the people. You can not put gates to this water of life that dreams are born with the meeting of the people in the streets. It is not a disease dream, WE ARE NOT CRIMINALS.

In Madrid on March 29, a man was arrested for carrying a placard on his bike. My fishmonger ask me but what did he say on the banner? And I answer: does it matter? Are we doing something wrong by the fact to raise a banner? The peaceful expression of ideas with the word, his body is it terrorism?

¿Hasta When? How long can we tolerate this absurd situation? What intolerable affects us todas.Unete’s campaign against #LeyesMordaza Holograms.