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CODEP PINK VT Protests Ben & Jerry’s Sales In Illegal Settlement In Palestine

Ben & Jerry's Israeli ice cream

 Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream Has Is Manufacturing Ice cream And Selling It In Illegal Israeli Settlements

The first action of Code Pink’s new chapter in Vermont was to sing to the throngs lining up for Ben & Jerry’s Free Cone Day in Burlington, Vermont. In conjunction with Vermonters for a Just Peace in Palestine/Israel, Code Pink VT sang about how Ben & Jerry’s is selling ice cream in the Jewish-only settlements in Occupied Palestine.


More on Ben & Jerry’s selling ice cream in occupied territories: In 2011, Vermonters for a Just Peace in Palestine/Israel learned that Ben & Jerry’s franchise in Israel is manufacturing ice cream and selling it in illegal Israeli settlements in occupied East Jerusalem and the West Bank. Additionally, in 2010, as Israel was expanding its illegal settlements and continuing to impose an inhuman siege on Gaza, Ben & Jerry’s opened a new factory in Israel and announced plans to re-establish 16 new stores and kiosks across the country.

Water extraction and allocation in the Occupied Palestinian Territory is under Israel’s control. The manufacturing of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream in Israel may involve diversion of much needed drinking water from Palestinian communities and farmers under occupation. See Stolen Land and Stolen Water. For more on our investigation of Ben & Jerry’s in Israel, see our report. – See more at: