Free Software and Occupy Sandy

There have been a lot of exhausting debates in recent years about the role of online social media in resistance movements, about whether these technologies really help or hurt, and how. Some commentators have even gone so far as to hand credit for home-grown uprisings around the world to the wonder-kids of Silicon Valley, and it can be tempting to believe them.

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Grillo’s Five Star Movement Defended the System

According to the Wu Ming collective, the electoral success of Grillo’s web-based Five Star Movement just covers up the vacuum of Italian social movements. In what amounts to a massive shock for the Italian and European elite, the anti-establishment Movimento Cinque Stelle led by populist comedian Beppe Grillo won nearly a quarter of all votes in this week’s Italian elections. In this article, the Bologna-based writers’ collective Wu Ming responds to the mainstream media’s interpretation of Grillo’s electoral success as a ‘radical repudiation of austerity’, and argues that Grillo is in fact instrumental in protecting the Italian status quo.

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Occupy Love

While those who act based on love realize that giving enriches all, those who act on greed create a world that in the end is good for no one.

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February 11, 2013

We are very pleased to be letting you know about an exciting event that is happening on Saturday, March 9, 2013, in Winchester MA. We are having a “Community Reinvestment Day – A Discussion of Innovative and Thoughtful Approaches Toward Balancing Money, Society and the Environment.”

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Open Invitation to the Next #GlobalSquare Initiative Meeting

Open Invitation to the Next #GlobalSquare Initiative Meetin

Below is the invitation to next online meetings of the GlobalSquare initiative, previously known as Occupy the WSF.
Location: server
Room: Assemblies & Round Tables > OPEN SPACE (instructions below)
Date: Sunday, 17th of February 2013
Time: 19.00 GMT/UTC
Check your local time here: time zone converter

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Occupy the Economy: Everyone is an Organizer

 Occupy The Economy Begins this May Day, Protests at Corporate Headquarters

Imagine what the 99% could do when we bring the entire financial, commercial, and industrial system under democratic control. 

 Occupy The Economy February 5,  2013
Our goal is to create a massive resurgence of Occupy with a focus on the economic system.

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Students Organize Free Education Campaign

Visit Student Debt Noise Brigade on Facebook 

In Seattle, a group of students, educators and Occupy activists have created a project designed to bring free education to the community. They plan to offer courses taught by volunteers – teachers, scientists, carpenters, etc. The campaign is this group’s response to one trillion dollars in student debt.

The project was inaugurated on “1-T-Day” at Westlake Park. The consistent theme of the group’s campaign has been: “Free Education for Everyone”.

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Move Your Money Campaign!

Switch Your Bank is continuing the campaign to get people to move their money from the big Wall Street banks to community banks and credit unions. Get your money off Wall Street and bring it back to your community. They provide lots of information on their site including graphics you can post to social networks and facts about the campaign, see Below the fold are a few of the graphics, and there are many more on the site.

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From Occupation to Co-operation

They called it “breaking up with your bank.” At the height of the Occupy movement in 2011, more than 700,000 people nationwide moved their savings from institutions like Bank of America to credit unions. Besides offering more competitive rates, credit unions are in principle democratically governed, owned by their customers.

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